My Autoethnographic Experience

Asian culture happens to be the culture that I have been least exposed to in my life. However, there has been one particular experience I have had with the Asian culture that I want to talk about. I have never been to an Asian country, in fact, my first trip to an Asian culture will come in January 2020 with a girl’s trip to Japan. Being the westernised kids that we are, we were concerned with the food aspect of the trip, as we have never really eaten authentic Japanese food before, so we decided to visit a traditional Japanese restaurant to prepare for our trip.


The atmosphere in the restaurant was calming and the waiters were all really polite and helpful. They made us feel very welcome. The restaurant made it seem like you were stepping into Japan with the colours and atmosphere being such a prominent part of the restaurant. I’ve heard that in Japan and some Japanese restaurants here in Australia, you order off an iPad and don’t really interact with the waiters. There were no iPads but the interaction with the waiters was minimal. Instead of them taking our order, we were given a menu and a pen and just had to mark next to each dish we wanted, and how many we wanted.

The food was very fast in coming out. We had pork buns, dumplings, fried chicken, noodles and rice. I’m not going to lie, the chicken was pink and looked very undercooked and unappealing but it tasted great. The dumplings also tasted amazing, we ended up ordering more. What I didn’t like was the pork buns and noodles. I’ve heard that disliking pork buns is an uncommon trend but they just weren’t appealing to me. The noodles were also not great to me but my friend loved them. We got some that came in a type of soup, and others that were on their own.

Every time the waiter came out he was very friendly and accommodating to the fact that none of us could use chopsticks, trying to teach us how to use them. The fact that a lot of the workers didn’t speak English that well, we had no troubles communicating with them. Overall, this experience was something that I would definitely do again. I am excited to try more Japanese food as part of the group assessment for Digital Asia. We are going to a different restaurant so I am curious to see what’s different and what’s the same.

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